“LEARNING ENGLISH for Indonesia Sekolah Dasar” is a series of books specially written for pupils who are learning English as a second/foreign language.  This course has been based on an organized core of carefully devised linguistic items.

The books not only cover this selection of linguistic items completely, but also take into account its objectives such as  (1) building up the oral proficiency of the pupils  (2) reading and writing within the prescribed vocabulary and structural patterns and  (3) developing the pupils’ ability to learn through English.

A close look at the books will show that the following sections have been fully covered.   It should be pointed out that there is a great deal of revi-sionary work too; by working out these revisionary exercises the pupils would develop correct language habits. Also, in every lesson there are sentence structures to be read, followed by intensive language drills. A lot of emphasis has been placed on reading and comprehension which is an essential part of a language course.

Untuk info lebih lanjut / pemesanan Online Silahkan Kunjungi Website Kami:

atau hubungi kami Melalui :

Telp. 021 7444 555  ext.218 / 105
SMS 08881000651 ( Fast response )

Salam Hangat


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